Wendi has a knack for staying calm in stressful situations. That is good news as she is the captain of the K. Renee warehouse ship. She skillfully steers the ship using an "I've got this attitude." In the warehouse attributes like being calm, cool, and collected are a job requirement as it is a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that are continually morphing.

Wendi is also known as a team player who gives any task her all. She carries out that attitude through her personal life too where she gives back to family, friends, and animals. She is a devoted sister, aunt, and friend who adores being with family and friends.

Faith is important to Wendi. It is an anchor that is central in her life. Wendi would like to be thought of as a person who gave back and contributed positively to society or someone who touched another's life.

When not working at K. Renee, you can find Wendi walking her faithful companion, Bentley, or sitting beside a pond or lake watching the reflective light.