Travis is Jeff and Kelli's youngest son and has been with K. Renee since he graduated from UNI in 2006. Professionally, he is passionate about being a part of the family business and the team at K. Renee. Travis has a knack for making people laugh and shares that gift with family and friends. He confesses that he has been very blessed in his life, which motivates him to help out people who have had some tough luck.

Personally, he is passionate about sports. Those who have known him his whole life will tell you that at a very early age he was quite adept at having a detailed conversation about any recent sporting event. His favorite teams are Iowa State, the St Louis Cardinals, and the Denver Broncos. When he is not working, we can find him at an Iowa State game or watching a game on TV. His favorite way to spend a weekend is watching a game or spending time with his wife Stacie and their two dogs, Zeno and Pippa.

When asked about the 10 things he couldn't live without, he mentioned: his beautiful wife (Stacie), his family, his dogs, his Faith, ESPN, Lifetime Fitness, Iowa State, March Madness, pizza, and TV. He would like to be remembered for being a good, faithful person who puts a smile on people's faces.