Lana has lived and loved the retail business for over 40 years. It agreed with her "go-getter personality" and tornado-like speed. Her 29-state, 250-store tenured career includes serving as the Executive Vice President of Seiferts, Director of Stores, Customer Service, and Human Resources. Matter of fact, at the beginning of owner Kelli Schulz's career, she worked for Lana at Seiferts. Their connection runs deep. Knowing they worked well together, they realized Lana working for K.Renee would be a natural fit.

Professionally, Lana has a passion for meeting people and discovering their work and interests. She also enjoys managing the rental of her Villa in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Personally, Lana is passionate about her children, grandchildren, reading and dogs. When she is not working, she is traveling, working on charity events, and meeting with friends and family. She loves spending Sunday afternoons going to movies, boating or catching up with the people that mean the most to her.

Lana has NO downtime as she is devoted to multiple charities that build a better Des Moines. Her charitable work includes The Variety Club of Iowa where she served as past President of the organization. Recently, she co-chaired a big event for Variety called Polo on the Green. Additionally, Lana has served on the Winefest Board and Des Moines Art Center Board.

Lana would like to be remembered as a happy person with a great attitude who loved life; someone who gave back; who was active; who was a hard worker with an amazing work ethic; and as a wonderful mother, grandmother and partner.