Kelli Schulz is the founder and creative force behind K. Renee fashion and home. To know Kelli, you simply have to "take-in" the ambiance that is K. Renee. Textures are layered. Colors are serene. The tone whispers softness. Pieces are inspirational and move you. But there is more to our store.

Kelli has applied the same critical eye for the extraordinary and applied it to collecting a team that will work cohesively to provide the best style, quality, and service. In other words, to be exceptional in every way.

This style-driven, relationship-focused business began in 1988. Today, Kelli and her husband, Jeff, and business partner, Julie Ross, have developed a brand unique to central Iowa and the Midwest.

Although Kelli considers herself a homebody, she is inspired by the wonderful pieces she travels to find. If the piece doesn't talk to her in new and exciting ways, it will not make the journey to Des Moines. Kelli often jokes that creativity is the only thing she is good at. Her team would disagree and would add that she is a visionary as well.

Kelli is passionate about her husband, children, and grandchildren. She is also a mean Scrabble player and a self-professed coffee addict.