Julie Ross is right where she needs to be...in Des Moines and embodying the K. Renee brand, "Living Life Beautifully." Julie came to K. Renee as a customer/disciple/believer in the transformative nature of the fashion and home stores. As a customer, Julie experienced firsthand the gifts that K. Renee brings - incomparable beautiful surroundings and defined personal style.

That is why when Julie had the opportunity to join the K. Renee team as a partner, she said "yes." Call it being led by the light of style. Call it divine providence or kismet. Or simply call it fortunate. No one conveys the heart and soul of K. Renee better than Julie.

She is passionate about sharing our story and works 24/7.....driving projects, writing, and working with customers to help them become their best selves. She is a genius at juggling and directing multiple projects and can make it happen.

When not creating and growing K. Renee's story, Julie loves laughing, spending time with family and friends, or reading a great book. She likes getting caught up in someone else's reality. In the volunteer world, Julie serves as a trustee for The Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa and was the co-chair of a major fundraising event. She is passionate about kids, education, and helping families lift themselves up.

Julie would have a tough time giving up... hazelnut creamer; spending time with her kids and grandkids; enjoying movies; pizza; and high-heeled shoes.