Jeff Schulz knows a lot about teamwork and what makes a great team. Matter of fact, K. Renee began when his life partner, Kelli, was growing her business and needed help with the non-creative aspects of the business that are critical to success. Jeff was excited to have a chance to work side-by-side with his beautiful wife and to implement his eternally optimistic leadership and tenured project management. Think of it this way, Kelli = Creative & Jeff = Business Backbone.

His drive for success and "forward-thinking" mantra makes him the perfect leader. When asked to define success Jeff said, "Each day is an improvement. Each day gets better and better. We don't look back. It is all about looking forward."

Jeff's gentle personality is people-oriented. He is passionate about the team at K. Renee, his family, and ISU football and basketball.

When not working you can find Jeff working around the house or fishing at his favorite pond. Any given Sunday, you can find him swimming with the kids (big and little) or watching a game.He could never give up great food, exercise, or being around people.

Jeff would like to be thought of as the guy that helped you feel good about yourself after a long visit OR simply put a smile on your face.