Frank is a guy of many life experiences.personally, socially and professionally. Two outstanding career-related endeavors have been providing case management and fundraising skills for the AIDS Project of Central Iowa and offering great shoes to customers of I. Eugene's and Sarto-2 former iconic Des Moines stores.

"Giving is very important to me, and I'm crazy mad about shoes!" Often recalled as "the shoe guy", Frank appreciates the obvious reference to that moniker. And for him, it 's also a reminder that selling footwear and women's clothing-like social work-teaches one a lot about people and life. "Wearing great clothes and shoes that you feel great in instills and evokes a certain kind of power, an on-top-of-the-world feeling. Walking through life with a troubled soul is all about compassion and lighting tunnels for both the giver and the receiver, who often wind up subconsciously reversing roles."

As heavy as that sounds, Frank IS a fun guy who likes to push the style scene in his own wardrobe and with fashion clients. He'll encourage you to assemble outfits that are creative and complimentary, keeping a well-focused eye on editing. Frank supports and volunteers with a number of humanitarian and cultural non-profit organizations in Des Moines. His privileged (Frank's word choice) clothing and shoe sales team position at K. Renee gives him the chance to do what he loves plus leaves time for occasional travel and family visits, gardening and quality poolside time.