Dana Is Back!   Many of you may remember Dana from a few years back. She was a valued employee of ours who was called to move to Omaha.  As you can imagine, we were sad to see her go but supportive in her pursuing a new phase in her life.   We told her she was always welcome to come back to her K. Renee family.  While in Omaha, Dana gained more home design experience as a home bedding buyer for a large corporation and then further stretched her wings by joining a full-service design firm in the mountains of Colorado.   While there, she worked extensively on residential interiors and home staging.   

Lucky us... she moved back to the Des Moines area in June of 2019 and rejoined our home design and styling team.  To say the least, we are happy to have her back where she belongs.   

Dana Says: "God is so faithful and will never leave or forsake us. He has a plan and will always go before you and bring the right people to walk beside you."