A little about me...I live in a Beaverdale brick with my husband Breighen, who is on the Des Moines Fire Department, and our Great Dane Kobe!  We love to spend time with our family and friends, travel around the world and exploring our favorite city- Des Moines.  Since we bought our first house in 2014,  my style has always been evolving and changing but I consistently am drawn to a modern bohemian style that’s inspired by beautiful spaces and places I’ve seen on my travels.  Think white walls with neutral furniture but pops of colors in pillows, rugs, throws, and artwork.  

This bohemian style is also apparent in my wardrobe, I love easy flowy pieces that are special and interesting, I always seem to be drawn to pieces that have an extra detail whether this is` through embroidery or embellishment.   

Style to me is a way that somebody is able to express themselves whether that be through their clothes and their home. Everyone has their taste or specific items they’re drawn to and it’s fun for me as a stylist to work with so many different personalities on a daily basis and see what items people love or what works with their lifestyles.